Game Software Compatible with Presenter '13????

Apr 01, 2014

I am hoping someone can answer my question, we have posted in the forums and gotten no response so far. We really want to incorporate games into our courses and are trying to find a solution. We have subscriptions to eLearning Brothers but most of theirs are HTML5 and will not work with Presenter ’13, and those in Flash are not easily customizable because we do not have the current version of Flash. We are looking into Raptivity and other solutions.

Does anyone out there know of any game software  that will work with Presenter ’13?

Thanks in advance for your assistance.


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Jim Powell

Hi June, I h ave the same question.  I purchased a subscription to E-learning brothers and they have a lot of game templates - some are designed for "Storyline" so I wanted to post a question as well as to whether those templates would work in presenter.

I'm going to guess probably not, but Flash Games should work in presenter, though what I'd really want to do is use HTML 5 games so they could work on an iPad. Anyway, I wish I could answer your question but you're not alone.

I guess now that I went back and re-read your post I see that you ahve eLearning Brothers as well and that their HTML 5 games don't work with Presenter 13.  Wow, that's a shame, I think I wasted my money with them.  So yeah, I guess I'm in exactly the same boat as you.

Hopefully one of the elearning Heroes will see these two messages and respond.


June Dunlap

Hi Jim,

I did receive an answer from a support ticket I submitted. They said I might be able to make the software game in HTML5format work by adding it as Web Object in Presenter '13. Here's how to add webobjects to Articulate Presenter '13 courses: and other than that, they have not tested specific softwaregames that integrate with Studio products. I tried to do this and it didn't work for me. 


I even tried to download the Flash games from ELB, but without having the most recent version of Flash, I could not do the edits I needed to do.


Hopefully, someone else will respond to us.





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