Getting stuck on 1st quiz question in Presenter 13 presentation?

Apr 16, 2014

Hi All, 

I'm wondering if anyone else is experiencing a similar issue.  I recently upgraded all of my courses from Presenter '09 to Presenter '13.  These courses have quizzes (Quizmaker '13) in them and I'm having a high incidence of users who are getting to the quiz in the middle or at the end of the presentation and they're getting stuck on the 1st question of the quiz.  The quiz will not allow them to select an answer (multiple choice questions) and often displays the 'Incorrect' caption at the bottom of the quiz slide as if you were reviewing a previously taken quiz (but they're not reviewing, they're going through it for the very first time).  This is a real problem for us as the navigation is restricted and if they can't answer the quiz question they're unable to proceed.  The only way we've been able to fix it is to resent them in the course and have them start all over.  Usually they can get through it the second time without any issue.  

Some additional details . . . 

The users use their own personal computers to take these courses so the OS, browser, Flash version, etc. all vary greatly.  It seems that there is no pattern in that all OSs, browsers, etc. have experienced this issue. 

We use an LMS (Thinking Cap) to deliver the courses. 

The courses are published in SCORM 2004, 4th ed. 

I am a Platinum Support Member and reported this issue, but they weren't all that much help to be honest.  They couldn't replicate the issue so didn't really dig to deep. 

I'm just wanting to see if anyone else is having a similar issue.  I thought it was maybe an issue with suspend_data files.  My LMS did some checking and confirmed that the suspend_data files are being passed back and forth correctly, so nobody can figure out what the issue is. 

Any ideas . .anybody? 



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joe smith

Hi Susan, 

Unfortunately I never did find any solution to this issue.  I tried working with Articulate, but it seems like they don't think it's an Articulate problem.  I'm convinced it is and hopefully one day someone will figure it out.  Many others have experienced this same problem, so I'm not alone.  

What I ended up doing to deal with this problem was to remove the quizzes from the presentations and just make them stand-alone quizzes.  It was a lot of work as I have lots of courses, but it did pretty much take care of the problem.  Once in a blue moon I'll have someone get stuck in one of these stand-alone quizzes, but it's only happened a handful of times in the last couple years.

Best of luck to you! 


susan stewart


Did your quizzes that had the sticking problem have audio feedback? I'm
hearing that it is the audio feedback that is triggering the problem, but I
haven't heard anyone else mention that specifically. So I'm curious to
know if the quizzes get stuck even when no audio feedback is involved.

Thanks for the quick response!

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