Hyperlinks died in Articulate

We used an animated purchased PowerPoint template and created branching lessons each with multiple-choice, scenario-based questions to help students discover the learning material for themselves. (Some users would see only slides 12-15 after the introductory slide, for example, while others would view slides 16-24, plus the introductory.)  It's lovely!

Xtension is our current LMS. Saba will launch soon. Both require a zipped file and Office 2010 doesn't allow. So, pptx is converted and zipped as an Articulate file.

Problem: the hyperlinks don't work and the animated template has died. (Animations don't play.) I know Articualte doesn't support all PowerPoint animations, but I was hoping the moving thumbtack character would at least stay. (By way of explanation that the animations in question are not PowerPoint transitions or swirling type.)

Is there a solution?

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Sue Cordell

I have no problems at all with (supported) animations working in Articulate.  Nor have I had problems with hyperlinks to URLs working .. they are fine.  BUT today I have a need to hyperlink to other slides within the same PPT.  This worked in '09 but will NOT work in '13.  Has anyone else had this problem and is there a solution short of totally redoing another way?