Hyperlinks in Presenter

I created a simple hyperlink in Presenter by selecting a phrase on the slide and then linking to another slide at the end of my presentation (similar to what you would do in any ms office application), but for some reason, the hyperlink will not work when published.  What is the best way to navigate someone to another slide from a hyperlink? 

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Peter Anderson

Hi Deb!

Not all hyperlink options are supported in Presenter. For all the details, see: 


Also, be sure you're testing your content in its intended environment: Web server, LMS, Articulate Online, or CD. Testing hyperlinks in Preview is not supported, so you will need to Publish your presentation for proper testing.
Deb Korbel

OK -- it's good to know that links will not test in preview.

I am trying to present the learner with an optional "timesaving tip" in relation to a topic, which launches them to the end of the presentation, but I do not want these "tip" slides to be accessible from the left navigation.

Should I lock them from Slide Properties or will that keep them from being able to go to the slide?  I also noticed that there's a "change view option" from Slide Properties.  Will that hide these slides from the navigation pane?  Or is there a better way to accomplish this?

blair parkin

For any slides you don't want to have appear in the navigation pane, in Slide Properties right click on the slide and select Hide in Navigation pane

Locking in slide properties locks all navigation: Play/Pause, forward, back and selecting in the navigation pane.

Change view allows you to set the view for that slide (and following slides if left blank or not set to another view):

Standard - slide with navigation pane

No Side Bar - slide without navigation pane

Slide Only - slide in slightly larger view with controls shrunk to bottom corner