Icons in Presenter 360

Jun 01, 2017

I'm in the 360 trial and it seems the new Icon button (as wells as Illustrations & Photos) in Storyline isn't available in Presenter 360. I wanted to insert an icon, but I had to go over to Storyline, insert a few there, and copy them one-by-one over to my PPT file. Am I missing something, or is this truly not accessible within Presenter 360?

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Justin Grenier

Hi, Heather!

While Content Library Templates and Characters work great in Presenter 360, we're still monitoring demand for Photos, Illustrations, Icons and Videos in Studio.  So for now, those four work in Storyline, and Photos & Illustrations work in Rise.

If Photos, Illustrations, Icons, and Videos are important to you in Studio 360, we'd love for you to tell us about it.  Thanks!

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