Importing Captivate 5 into Presenter '09

Feb 02, 2011

I'm trying to import a Flash video from Captivate 5 and can get it to play when the Articulate page is shown, but when the Flash video ends, I get a RunTime Error on Line: 52 because an object is required.

Any thoughts?

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Jami Moss

I'm just trying this today and have rechecked my index.html removed and republished to test it with and without the java script file and am still unable to see my file. I just upgraded to WIN 7 and am having to use Captivate 5.5, as 4 is not compatible.

Any thoughts? Do i need to retreat from WIN 7? I also noticed that my presenter slides in the file lost all their audio:(

Sure I am not the first to experience this Hope you have worked with those that have persevered!

Jelke Glaser

Justin Wilcox said:

If you are testing the content locally but plan on hosting the content online, try uploading the content and testing there. You could also publish for CD and then test locally by launching the presentation via the EXE file in the published output.

This works for me! So glad I can test it correctly now! Thanks.

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