Issues with replaying a project

I have published my Articulate 13 project on the Articulate Online server.  It launches fine the first time, but if I attempt to replay the content again on the browser (by refreshing or retyping URL) it will not replay and just hangs in a continuous waiting "circle animation".  At first I thought it may be the browser (running on IE 9, but running on Mozilla Firefox 37.0.2 it does the same thing.  Has anyone ran across this issue?  thanks.  fyi...when I'm in Articualte Online and click the Launch button after publishing, it will replay, but Users will not have that AO launch button, they must click on the URL which again doesn't work more than once. One has to empty one's Cache file in order for it to replay again, which of course no User is expected to do...

This only occurs when I select "never resume", if I select "prompt to resume" it replays a 2nd time, but I don't want that popup question to show, i need it to replay from the beginning every time.  Thanks for anyone's help.

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Michael W

Sorry, disregard my last email. I mis-read your reply below. I will determine if the temporary solution will work for us, but I’m assuming we will need to project to play from the beginning each access and hope Articulate can fix the “Never” option soon. Thanks again for keeping me posted.


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Michael,

Leslie is on vacation - but I wanted to pop in to let you know that we don't have any additional information to share. We don't share dates or timelines in regards to product updates, features, or bug fixes - but we'll update this thread once there is information to share. 

As long as you're subscribed to the thread, you'll get an email notification once we can share something here.