Layered text and shapes over video in Presenter 360

I've just upgraded to Studio 360. Whilst exploring the differences with Studio 13, I discovered that you could actually put text boxes and shapes over Articulate video placeholders in a Powerpoint slide. 

I thought this was an exciting development as this feature was not available in Studio 13. 

The text and shapes over video even showed in the Preview mode. Again, there was no change with the published module - the text and shapes remained as a layer on top of the video.

Brilliant... Articulate have done it! I saved my changes...

But on opening my saved module I was devastated to find that all text and shapes had been moved back, behind the video placeholder.

So, you can have a layer of text and shapes over video in Presenter 360, as long as you don't save your module!!

I'm sure the Developers in Articulate can finish the job and make this a permanent feature in Presenter 360. 


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