Moodle XMLmanifest problem

Apr 19, 2013

Having trouble uploading a SCORM 1.2 package to Moodle 2.3. I get an error about missing the xmlmanifest. The file is there and in the right place but I came across these notes in the Moodle documentation:

  • The SCORM authoring tool Articulate sometimes fails to create the imsmanifest.xml -Try exporting the package again and see if the manifest is generated.
  • The SCORM authoring tool Articulate Presenter will publish packages where the imsmanifest.xml file is in the correct place, but there are several lines of white space in the manifest file if you do not fill out the Reporting and Tracking Options in Articulate Presenter for Keywords and LMS Description. Moodle will give a "Manifest not found" error when encountering this. To fix this problem select the Reporting and Tracking Options in the Articulate Presenter publish dialog and fill in the LMS Description and Keywords.

I am working through the 2nd of these suggestions now to see if it works. Whether it does or not, are these issues being addressed by Articulate? Thanks.

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Margaret,

Some Learning Management Systems are unable to find the IMSManfiest.xml file if the IMSManfiest.xml file is not at the root of the zip file.

Check out this support article and see if the tips help resolve the issue:

Articulate Support > Zipped SCORM package isn't working in LMS 

See also:

9 Ways to Troubleshoot Articulate & LMS Issues

If you're still having trouble with this, can you tell me exactly what the error message states, please?



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