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Sep 23, 2015

I've started getting a PowerPoint (2010) error when inserting any MP4 video into a screen. It's "Some controls on this presentation can't be activated. They might not be registered on this computer."

To make a long story shorter, PPT attempts to repair the presentation, and says it "removed unreadable content." It has not, though, because the problem message keeps recurring.

Corrupt PPT? I don't think so. I can open a new presentation, insert an MP4, and duplicate.

Bad MP4? I don't think so. I've tried multiple MP4's, some of which I've used in previous Presenter 13 projects.

The only way I can prevent the error messages is to delete the MP4 from the PPT screen and the save the presentation.

I've also repaired Office, re-installed Office, and done a clean install of Studio 13.

I've uninstalled and re-installed Flash (now on

Lastly, I re-imaged my computer from a system backup from Sep. 5 (this problem just started yesterday), figuring that'd surly cure my problem.  No dice. And this was confirmed before Windows 7 loaded any updates that were lost between Sep. 5 and yesterday...

Looking for help!




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Christie Pollick

Hi, Dave -- So sorry to hear of the troubles you are having, and thanks for the detailed description of the troubleshooting steps you have tried. I did a search, and I do not believe this is an Articulate-specific problem, and this web article I found may be of assistance. 

Please let me know if that helps or if issues persist, and we'll see what other options are available. :)

Steve Gannon

Dave, I'm seeing the same thing no matter what video format I import. I tried the suggested fixes in this thread but neither worked:

I also tried the fix in the article Christie linked to above but it didn't work either.

If I delete the video from the repaired file, everything works again. And when I initially insert the video, I can preview it in Presenter and publish without issue. The problem only appears when I close PowerPoint and try to re-open the file.

I'm going to open a case.


Christie Pollick

Hi, Steve --

Sorry to hear the link provided above did not address the issue you and Dave are experiencing, but I thought it was worth a shot! If either of you would like to submit a support case with our Engineers for further exploration of the issue, please use this form and someone from that team will be in touch shortly via email. 

I will be on the lookout for your cases and plan to share relevant updates here in the thread for others who may encounter a similar occurrence. 

Ann W

I had this problem with Presenter 13 in PPT 2013. I submitted a ticket and it was related to the Flash Payer update in IE. I'll need to recreate any files that were made while the update was installed as uninstalling the player didn't make the existing errors go away. But after uninstalling I tried inserting a new mp4, saved and closed, and then opened it. I don't get the issue any longer. From Support:

We've confirmed this problem could occur if the video was inserted while Flash Player is installed in Internet Explorer.

We've reported this issue to our Quality Assurance team. To workaround this, you would need to uninstall this version of Flash.

If you have Windows 7, please do the following:
1) Follow the steps here to un-install the latest version for Flash Player:
2) Then install this version for Internet Explorer:

If you have Windows 8 or later, please uninstall Windows update KB3087040

Alexey Malov

Just found that guys from iSpring also faced this Flash player problem:

They managed to develop a tool that repairs corrupted Flash objects in PPTX files:

I have tried it with a couple of my broken presentations, and they were restored.

God Bless iSpring!!

Looking forward for Flash Player update from Adobe that fixes that bug

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi all,

Per this other thread I wanted to share the update from Brian Batt:

Brian Batt

Hi everyone,

There's a known issue in the latest version of Flash Player 19 that is causing this issue in several products including Articulate Studio.  Here's a link to the bug information:

Although Adobe has acknowledged the issue and said that they will provide a fix (per Kratika Agarwal at 2:33AM GMT on September 24th), we encourage everyone to "vote" for the bug in the link above.


Paul Foreman

Thanks for the information and 'work around' ideas.  It is working 90% for me but I was also very concerned as I am making the last minute tweaks to 7 courses that are expected to all go live on October 1st.  You wonderful folks helped me save my bacon this time!

We still have a mess to clean up here but we will hit our deadlines/expectations so the clean up and "fixing" can happen next month!  The next round is on me!

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi all,

We've release a tool that will help you with any Presenter course that have been corrupted based on the Flash player 19 bug. 

  1. Download and extract this zip file on your computer.
  2. Drag and drop your corrupt PowerPoint file onto the repair-ppt.exe file you downloaded.
  3. Click OK on the restoration message. Your presentation is ready to be edited and published as before.

The repair utility will create a backup copy of the corrupt PowerPoint file in the same folder.

Tip: Wait to install Flash Player 19 until Adobe releases a new version that doesn't cause corruption.

If you need additional assistance please let us know by reaching out to our support team. 

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