Studio 13 and WIN 10

Sep 25, 2015

Articulate is missing from the PPT ribbon.

Following the standard instructions to enable '13 in PPT 2010, under add-ins, there are no disabled items. Under COM Add-ins, the Articulate Presenter IPC Handler is present, and checked.

Under Trust Center Settings, Add-ins, nothing is checked.

Two observations: When PPT is launched fro the PPT desktop icon, there's a message during startup that says the Articulate IPC Handler is loading. If I launch using the Articulate Presenter 13 icon, when I click Open PowerPoint, I get an error message that says, "It appears that the Presenter add-in is disable. Learn how to enable the add-in."

This installation of PPT and Presenter was made after Windows 10 was installed (it was not an upgrade from Windows 8 with the apps already installed). MS Office was installed first; Presenter second. 

Steps I've taken include:

1. Repairing the Studio installation.

2. Repairing the Office installation.

3. Uninstalling and reinstalling Studio 13.

One last observation. When installing Studio 13, an Articulate Studio Component (Microsoft VSTO Runtime) runs an install before the Articulate install begins.

I don't think I've missed any troubleshooting steps, so I'm reaching out for some assistance.

Happy Friday!




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Dave Neuweiler

An update ...

Problem solved; Articulate Support gave instructions to follow for a clean install, and while this procedure did not immediately cure the issue, it did reveal an issue with my MS Office installation.

Earlier I had repaired the Office installation, but apparently this was not enough. By uninstalling and reinstalling Office, Articulate functionality in the PPT ribbon returned.

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