Multiple bugs in Articulate Presenter/Quizmaker '13

Dec 02, 2013

I've been struggling with multiple '13 bugs for nearly a month since upgrading from '09 to '13, and have been in contact with Articulate Support resulting in no resolution to date. Articulate was able to confirm that they were able to replicate issues in SCORM Cloud testing:

  1. (Cases #00370744 and #00369208) Even when Player is properly configured to launch in a separate window, the presentation does not publish to launch into a separate window as it should. This is a bug.

    Support responded with a workaround recommendation that I manually edit the manifest to use launcher.html instead of index_lms.html. While this remedies the failure to launch in a separate window, further testing proved that this edit corrupted Articulate's ability to pass course completion and score information to the LMS. This means this workaround only creates new problems. Support asked me to reconsider if I really needed to have a course launch in a separate window.

    The course will simply not fit well in the limited space available on a given page in our Joomla site. The latest response from support is that the issue has been handed over to Quality Assurance, but that there is no  ETA on when or even if this issue will be resolved at all. Wow.
  2. (Case #00368761) Configuring a Quizmaker to loop to a previous slide on exam fail breaks Presenter's finish button in HTML 5. It's a bug. 10 days ago, it was explained that this issue has also been forwarded to QA, but with no ETA on when the issue will be fixed.

  3. I have shown that the exit button does not work in my published courses, but this issue remains unaddressed. 

I've already been through the gyrations of looping between Articulate and my LMS on these issues until Articulate finally tested my packages on the SCORM Cloud to independently verify the Articulate issues and determine that the problems lie with Articulate; not with the LMS.

The purpose of this post is to notify others of these problems so they do not futilely twist in the wind as I have over the past month over known bugs, and also to try to get a better response from Articulate about getting the issues resolved. The latest Support response, "Unfortunately, I cannot speculate on the feasibility of fixing this issue, but we'll certainly keep you posted with any updates as the Articulate Quality Assurance Team is able to make progress on this issue" is simply terrible. We do not use Articulate Presenter for recreation; we have a commercial business that relies upon it.

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Justin Grenier

Good Morning Allen, and welcome to Heroes!

I'm sorry for the issues you've encountered, and thanks for sharing your experience with the community, as this information may help other course authors as well.  In an effort to more publicly respond to these issues:

  1. If you've marked the option to Launch player in new window, you may find that your published output doesn't launch in a new window when you're hosting it in a learning management system (LMS). This is a known issue and we're currently investigating it.  We'll post more information in this Forum Thread as it becomes available.
  2. If you've set the On failing quiz property to Finish button Goes to Previous Slide within an Articulate Presenter '13 course, you may find that in our HTML5 output, the Finish button doesn't show the previous slide.  This is also a known issue and we're currently investigating it.  We'll post more information in this Forum Thread as it becomes available.
  3. You may find that the Exit tab doesn't function as expected in an Articulate Presenter course. There are few possible reasons for this behavior. See this article for solutions.

Please let us know if you need anything else, and have a great day!

Justin Grenier

Good Morning, Allen.

There have been no updates so far, but we'll post more information in this Forum Thread as it becomes available.  Also, all software fixes from Articulate will generally come as part of a well-publicized update that we'll share on our blog, as well as via Twitter and Facebook.  The current version of Studio is Update 1 (1311.520), and I would expect to see additional updates moving forward.

Louise H

I've also been trying to get my republished '13 presentations to launch in a new window on our LMS (Moodle) in the same way the '09 ones did but to no avail. At least I know now it's a bug and not just me getting it wrong

We do need the option to launch presentations in a new window...and also need to track the results! Will keep an eye on this thread to hopefully hear of an update soon...



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