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Oct 28, 2013


I have a situation where I need 5 separate courses to reside in one SCORM package. Is there a way to have 5 separate navigation menus or a way to split off to a separate menu?

User only needs to take one course for their department, but I need all 5 accessible in one package. Hope this make sense. User will first see a page with 5 departments. He/she chooses one department and completes.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi c r,

If I understand what you're trying to set up - it sounds like you'll need to set up an initial menu slide, and based on the users selection they'll be branched to the correct section with a "jump to slide" trigger - and then kept within that scene using the standard next/previous buttons? You may also want to look at this thread with a similar discussion, especially if you'll need to track their results with a quiz. 

c r

Hi Ashley,

I only need to show an incomplete/completed outcome.

My client wants one course ID for all 4 courses. Course one is duplicated in all 4 courses. 3 of the courses have unique slides pertaining to unique content for a company department. Im trying to figure out a logical way to do this. I do not want to update 4 courses if one items changes in those original 55 slides. This is confusing, SORRY.

Course # 1) has 55 slides

Course # 2) has same 55 slides plus 25 unique slides

Course #3) has same 55 slides plus 18 unique slides

Course #4) has same 55 slides plus 21 unique slides

when i go back to edit one of the 55 slides i want  it to update the other 3 in the courses. But then navigation will end up being unique becuase of the addition of the unique slides.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi CR,

I don't know of any way that you can only update one course and it'll update across three other courses - that would be something the community would have to weigh in on. 

If you're open to the branching set up, this would allow the user to pick which path to take and access those additional slides, although there would be no way to verify that they were navigating through the correct course. 

c r

Thanks for your input.

I'm just trying to find the most logical way to attack this. I imagine i would have to copy the updated slide and paste it into other courses, rather than making changes to 4 of the same slides. And then i would manually update navigation for each course.

If i were to use branching for one course, those 55 slides that are common to all 4 courses can only have one navigation profile.

What I am going to do is have 4 separate courses (repeating the 55 slides in each plus the unique slides) and make a front end for user to click and go to course they need. Client simply wants one course ID for all 4. I may be over complicating this.

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