Narration issue

Aug 04, 2020


When I try to preview a module with narration recorded in PowerPoint, I get the pop up saying "Importing PowerPoint narration",  but when I preview the module, the narration has disappeared. I tried publishing to Review 360 as a test- same issue. The narration works fine when I view the module in PowerPoint slideshow. Please help - I have 9 of these to be published for LMS.





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Ren Gomez

Hi Charles,

Thanks for sharing your file! Presenter 360 doesn't support audio that was recorded in Powerpoint. You'll need to record or import audio in Presenter instead. 

It looks like you already have audio in your Powerpoint file, so feel free to take a look at the article below on how to extract the audio from your Powerpoint, then re-import into Presenter.


Check the link below. I was able to extract the narrations that I had already recorded in PowerPoint and insert them into Presenter using this procedure.

PowerPoint Audio Isn't Supported in Presenter 360

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Katie Riggio

Hi there, Sue!

Thanks for writing in, and a great move to open a support case!

I'm glad to see that you successfully extracted your media files through Windows. I also see that Ronaziel filed a feature idea for PowerPoint narration support in Studio 360.

Let us know if any more questions pop up. We're happy to help!

Sue Ascher

Thanks for the follow-up. Yes, supporting narration in PowerPoint would be a very helpful feature, I can see it would be a common request.


Sue Ascher
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