Narration Slide Advances When Record Button Pushed

Jan 06, 2013

I am using Studio 09 on a Macbook Pro running Mountain Lion with Parallels Desktop 8, Windows 7 and PowerPoint 2010.  I have a course with one slide that the narration needs to be edited.  When I open the course in PowerPoint, select the slide, go to Articulate >> Narration, everything seems fine.  However, when I click on the Record button the slide section advances to the next slide however the slide notes do not advance. 

I tried adding a slide at the end of the presentation to see if it is would let me record but since the slide advances to the finish I get an error message.

This is the first time I have experienced this problem but I think the last time I recorded was prior to upgrading to Desktop 8.  Any ideas?  I'm stumped.

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Richard Schumaker

It looks like that did it.  I guess the theme got corrupted somehow because I originally used the Office theme to build this small course.  I reapplied the theme and it recorded.  Now if I can figure out why Parallels Desktop isn't recognizing my input microphone life will be good!  Thanks for the help!