Record Narration suddenly not working since upgrading Parallels...

Jan 30, 2013

Hello, wondering if anyone else is having the same problem and if so, how to fix?  I'm running Articulate Presenter out of Microsoft Word 2010 for PC on my MacBook Pro (running the newest version of parallels.)  I've been running this set-up for 13 months with no problem.  Earlier this month I upgraded to Parallels Desktop 8 from the previous version.  Now, whenever I'm in Powerpoint 2010, under the Articulate Tab, I click on Record Narration, the narration window opens and flickers several times, the slide loads, then the screen swipes to the side and is goes grey.  I'm unable to click on ANY of the control buttons, unable to record any narration, and have to force quit out of the window/program.  I am assuming that this is some incompatibility issue with Parallels 8 since this never happened until I upgraded.  I have checked my microphone, checked my pathway to my file, etc, etc, and nothing else has changed.  Any suggestions?  

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Michael,

Sorry for the trouble you're having with this. Personally, I haven't used the newer version, so I'm not sure if it would be incompatible with it. I haven't seen any other reports yet, but this is something I think should be looked in to. First, though, please try the steps outlined in this knowledge base article. Remember, though. only make the changes through Windows and not on the Mac side.

If the problem continues, please let us know. We'll take a look and see we can confirm that the updated Parallels version has a problem running the software. I'm hoping it may have just caused an issue with the link and the steps in the article I listed fix this issue for you.

Let me know how it goes, Michael.


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