Narration Window Not Seen with PowerPoint 2010

My company upgraded our laptops and now I have Office 2010 with Ariculate 5.4.0 Pro... when I go to record narration, the slide pops up in front of the small recorder window on the bottom right. I can't click the "Record" button. I can minimize the slide I am recording to see the Narration window, however when I click the "Record" button the slide minimizes off the screen. Any way to keep the small Narration recorder window "on top" at all times?

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Brian Batt

Hi John & welcome to Heroes,

Articulate Presenter 5 is not supported in Microsoft Office 2010 or Windows 7. 

However, Presenter '09 is compatible with and supported in the 32 bit version of Office 2010 and Windows 7, 32 or 64 bit.  To learn more about Presenter '09, see:

A fully-functional, 30-day, free trial of Presenter '09 can be downloaded here:

***Please note that Presenter '09 and Presenter 5 cannot be installed on the same computer at the same time.

If you would like to upgrade to Presenter '09 to take advantage of the new features in PowerPoint 2010, please see:

Also, if you choose to upgrade to Presenter '09, please review the following article to ensure that you have the correct version of Microsoft Office 2010 installed: