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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Rachel,

I haven't had any luck finding a case for Sandie. Hopefully this was resolved for her, and if so, maybe she can share the solution with us.

Are you publishing for HTML5 by any chance? If so, may find that formatting you apply to notes in PowerPoint doesn't show in Articulate Presenter's HTML5 output. This is a known issue. We'll post more information here as it becomes available.

If you're not publishing for HTML5, this may help:

Formatting Notes Via the Notes Master in PowerPoint Doesn't Work in Articulate Presenter

Mandi Ryan

Hi - I've just had this issue where the font changed on the smaller laptop but not another computer.  I have made a font on my own  handwriting but was wondering if perhaps once I am set on the words and what is going to be said that I could 'snagit' it and create an image.  Would that solve the problem?  Bit of a nuisance but rather that than have the font changing/