Overlay object on top of Flash movie

Hi - I am trying to place a shape over a Flash movie embedded in a slide. The properties are set to synch with slide. For the shape, I used the right-click menu to bring the shape to the front. For the Flash movie, I used the right-click menu and selected Order > Send to Back. However, the Flash movie is still on top of the shape. Do I need to set something else in the Format Control menu? Or any other ideas? Thanks!

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Alex Arathoon

Hi guys, I need to overlay a weblink on top of a Flash video at a certain time.
I am setting this to appear via a custom animation.
I wonder if anyone has found a way to make this occur?

Reading through this post it's not currently possible but I know where there's a will there's a way.
So if anyone has a solution please let me know.


Phil Mayor

Hi Alex

An flv is not interactive so you will need to create a swf, with your hyperlink

You could use quizmaker and overlay a hyperlink, or you could create a swf from your movie and add a hyperlink in the swf,

Or you could use something like jw player and incorporate that, jw player has all of the work for hyperlinking already done


Alex Arathoon

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Hey Phil, thanks for those suggestions.
I think using the Quizmaker maybe our way around it.

The only problem incorporating a Quizmaker slide within Presenter is thatanother menu item will be created on the left hand panel. We wanted it to becontained with one section with one menu item and not as a separate one for theQuizmaker part. Although I could contain all of video in that section in Quizmaker.