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Dave Neuweiler

Thanks Leslie.

I see the same behavior in your test file.

I did notice something else, though. When I click on the resource, a new browser tab opens for an instant, and then closes.

Then, while doing something completely different, I needed to download a file from the Internet. When I opened my Downloads Folder to retrieve it, I noticed dozens of saved files from trying to open attachments.

So, it appears that Firefox is no longer offering the choice to "save" or "open" a pdf, but rather just saves it. I checked the settings in Firefox, and for pdf's, it's set to Always Ask. So, I'm looking into that now.

I'll keep you posted.

And an update ...

In the alphabetical list of apps in Firefox, there are two for "PDF." Farther down the alpha list, there's an entry for "Portable File Document" ... that was set to download. I changed that to "preview," and all is well.