Player tab not staying on the Right side of the Top Bar

Mar 13, 2014

I hope someone can help me with a problem I am currently having. Since I downloaded and installed the update to Articulate 13, I have had a problem with the placement of an Engage Interaction that is on a player tab. I need this interaction to be placed on the right side of the Topbar. I have moved it to the Topbar Right section in the Player Properties and then saved it. If I go back to check, it shows that it is still set. HOWEVER, after I publish the course, the Engage Interaction is placed on the left side of the Topbar and when I review the Player Properties, it shows it back in the Topbar Left section. Is this a new bug, or is there something I am doing wrong? I need this corrected ASAP to meet a deadline!

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Keith Williams

Hi Debra, Hi Leslie,

Guess what... I am having the same problem with the placement of an Engage Interaction that is on a player tab.

I need this interaction to be placed on the right side of the Topbar.

I have moved it to the Topbar Right section in the Player Properties and then saved it. If I go back to check, sometimes it shows that it is still set, other times, it has moved back to the Topbar Left position.

After I publish the course, the Engage Interaction is placed on the left side of the Topbar and when I review the Player Properties, it shows it back in the Topbar Left section.

This is driving me nuts... I thought Update 2 was meant to fix these problems... can you please advise me what to do here?

Debra Newberg

Hi Keith,

I did a "reinstall" of the update 2 and it did fix the problem.  I re-ran the install (studio-13.exe) file and was provided the options:

      Add/Remove Studio Programs


      Remove All

I chose to Reinstall.  After the reinstall, I opened my project, set the player properties and published the project successfully with the Engage Interaction in the topbar right section.

Hope this helps you!


Keith Williams

Hi Debra,

Thank you so much for your assistance.... your feedback is very much appreciated!

I will try out your suggestion about reinstalling the Update 2 to seee if it does in fact fix my problem with the Engage Interaction staying in place in the Top Right Bar area of the Player.

Just to clarify - I have 2 questions....

Q1)  Did you find that if you moved the Tabs around and tried saving the Player settings (before you reinstalled Studio 13 Update 2) that the Engage Interaction would move to the Top Left Bar position all the time?

Q2) After you reinstalled, did you try saving the Player (under a different name) after moving the Engage interaction to the Top Right Bar area. Did it stay in place when you did a Preview of the slide(s) before you published the course?

You see no matter what I tried previously, that Engage Interaction would always move back to the Top Left Bar position... which was why I was 'going insane' trying to figure out why it was doing that 'magic trick' all on its own

I will let you know how I go with this, OK?

Kind regards,


Keith Williams

Hi Debra Hi Leslie,

Unfortunately, after reinstalling Articulate Studio '13 (using Update 2), the problem with the Engage Interaction staying in place on the Top Right Bar area of the Player is still happening!

I have tried deleting the original Engage Interaction and creating a new one, even using the FAQ or Circle Diagram Engage Interaction types - as a test.

No matter what I try to do, every time I place the Engage Interaction in the Top Right Bar, if I try to save the Player setup using either the same name as the one I already am using, or if I change the name of the Player to a new name, that Engage Interaction moves back again to the Top Left Bar Position.

Can anyone help me further with resolving this, as I cannot proceed to produce content with Articulate Studio 13 if I can't get this to work.



Keith Williams

Hi Leslie,

I am stuck with the problem of not being able to get my version of Articulate Studio 13 (update 2) to keep the Engage Interaction in the Top Right Bar position.

So, I have packaged the course, and submitted it to you for inspection.

Big Building Complex test presentation v1_package (submitted)

This is a test presentation built using Articulate Studio '13. The content was produced using Articulate Studio 13 Update 2. The problem seems to be that I cannot make the Engage Interaction stay put in the Top Right Bar position of the Player. The Player is called CTG Player, and no matter what I try every time I move the Engage Interaction to the Top Right Bar, it moves back to the Top Left Bar position. Could someone please have a look at this and see if this is indeed a BUG.



Keith Williams

Hi Leslie,

I appreciated your reply (above), and then got an email response back from you after you had reviewed my uploaded project files.

From your reply, I can only assume that you were able to duplicate the issue I had reported. As you mentioned you were unable to determine a workaround. So you have suggested I try a different approach to continue working on the project, while you reported the issue to your Quality Assurance team  for further investigation.

I would really appreciate if your Quality Assurance Team could fix this problem - and perhaps fully test any future updates before releasing these to us for production purposes.



Debra Newberg

Hi Leslie and Keith,

The fix I told Keith about worked on six of eight courses in a series I am working on.  For some reason I have two courses in which I cannot get the Engage Interaction to stay on the right side of the Top Bar.  I have tried EVERYTHING I can think of for these two courses.  I have saved the player with a different name, I have exported the player from a course in which the Interaction stays on the right side of the Top Bar and then imported it into the "problem" course. Nothing I can think of works.  I really need these courses published soon.  Any ideas on how to "work around" this problem? Also, I am using Update 2 of Articulate 13.


Keith Williams

Thanks for following up Leslie,

Hopefully your QA Department will find a solution to both my and Debra's problem soon..... pleeaaaaaaase?

At the moment I have had to stop all internal publishing of any of the Articulate Studio 13 modules for our LMS until Articulate can come up with a solution to keeping the Engage interaction in the top right hand position of the Player window.

Clock is ticking... and people are getting impatient with me to be able to use their published content!



Christine Hendrickson

Hi Jocelyn, 

I just took a look at Keith's case and our current bug report with Quality Assurance. 

I can tell you that there has been quite a bit of testing on this issue, but our QA department is still investigating the issue. 


I've shared your last comment with our QA team as well, to see if we can get some details on any possible workarounds, or information on a possible update. Though I cannot give a time frame, hopefully we'll know soon if this is something we can see in an upcoming update.

I apologize for the delay everyone. We'll be sure to share more information as soon as we can.

Thank you!

Julie Lavorini

I'm jumping in on this thread so I can keep track of the resolution too.  I am having the same problem.  Sometimes the tab doesn't even show up in the Player tabs in the Player Properties.  The only way I can get it to show up again is to delete it and add it again. I can then "move" it.  But it shows up in the wrong place when I publish.

Tammy Sellers

Can you add me to your list?... I have been out of the loop working on other projects.. just got back into Articulate after a 6-month break. We had already upgraded and updated though. Went to publish yesterday, and I too am fighting (and losing the jumping-bean tab!  Please let me know if you would like another package to help with the research. Thanks -

Keith Williams

Hi Christine,

Thank goodness someone is at last replying to this problem. It has been 'far too long between drink's', to not know what on earth Articulate QA are doing to resolve what seems to be quite a significant problem with these moving tabs.

I had almost given up, and wondering why nobody has contacted me. Because of this problem I have been unable to produce any new content since March of this year.

I really do hope you guys can get this fixed, and soon!!!!!



Christine Hendrickson

Good morning Keith and all,

I just wanted to stop by with an update on this thread and issue. 

From what I'm seeing in the bug report for this issue, our Quality Assurance team is working on a fix that should be available in the next free update. 

Please note that I cannot provide a time frame for the release of this update, but we're hoping to see it released soon. 

We'll be sure to share any additional information on this issue as soon as we have more details. 

Thanks again for your patience, and again, I apologize for the trouble with this.



Keith Williams

Thank you, Christine for following up (once again).

I realise you are between a 'rock and a hard place' with this one... but judging by the many people having the same problem as I.... it begs to be fixed.

I really want to be able to get this problem sorted out, as we really do want to use this Articulate Studio '13 product.

I have been an Articulate '09 user for quite a few years, and asked to speak about your rapid eLearning tools quite often.... Unfortunately, yesterday I had to explain why some of those asking if they should use Articulate Studio '13 should be aware of this major problem (if they wanted to develop content).

I will be the FIRST to let them know that you guys have fixed it.... and encourage them to explore the Articulate Studio '13 further then.

Also my team are waiting for me to give them the goahead to use it to develop a new eLearning module, and they will be learning how to use it as we go.... so hopefully your QA team will 'step up to the plate' and fix this for everybody very very soon....



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