Powerpoint animations not working when publishing

Hey guys,

Hope someone can help with this one! I have created a few animations in powerpoint - just movement round a path and some fade ins. Nothing spectacular! But when I go to publish (or preview) these animations don't work. Are there certain settings I need to apply? The preview under Animation tab works, but under the Articulate tab, nothing animates.

Help appreciated!



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blair parkin

Hi Kirsty

This link on supported animations should help clear up wether the animations you are using will work or not


There are other things to consider as well interms of what triggers the animations to occur and how are the slides advancing as they may advance before the animation has occurred.

If you could provide some more detail around the situation we may be able to help get to the bottom of this



Kirsty Tam

Hey Blair!

Thanks for your reply. I just checked out your link and the fade and circular paths I've used are supported by Articulate.

Your comment about the animation trigger just made me realise that I hadn't set that properly!!! Guess who feels like a complete idiot now!!!

Thanks very much for triggering my thoughts!!