PowerPoint cannot load articulate.ppam addin

I work on PowerPoints nearly everyday either in Articulate or in general PowerPoint files.

All of a sudden i am receiving the following message.

I reinstalled Articulate.  But that did not do anything.  I cannot figure out what could be the problem.  I've searched the community, googled, etcetera with no luck.  Any ideas?

PowerPoint Addin Error

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Ali Goulet

Hey there Robbi,

Sorry you're hitting this snag. That's not a fun error to get, and strange that it happened out of the blue! 

Since you've already done some troubleshooting on your own, I've submitted a case to our Support Engineers on your behalf. Your case number is 01064707 and one of our Engineers will be reaching out to you shortly!

I'll be keeping an eye on your case as well. ☺️

Ali Goulet

Hey Jsppeace,

I'm so sorry this is causing so much frustration! I'm having our support engineers reach out to you directly via email to get to the bottom of everything. Keep an eye out for support@articulate.com in your inbox!

I'd also like to verify a few details to include in your case:

  1. What version of Windows are you running?
  2. What version of Powerpoint are you using?
  3. Are you running as the administrator on your computer?

Let me know!

Leslie McKerchie

Helly Amy and Kerri!

Sorry to hear that you've run into a similar issue as well.

I popped in to check on Robbi's case and this is what was shared:

First, make sure that the Articulate add-in is enabled in PowerPoint. Here's how.

If the issue persists, please follow the troubleshooting steps in this article to fix unexpected or erratic behavior in Articulate Studio '13.

Jacob Gray

I am also experiencing this issue but I was able to track the issue to Windows Defender blocking the add-in. I have also seen anti-virus programs such as AVG block this add-in but as of now no exceptions I make allow the add-in to run. Stuck in the water and waiting for support to schedule a date for a remote session.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Denise,

Thanks for contacting us to share that you're running into a similar issue.

I was able to take a look at Eileen's case and it looks like uninstall/reinstall worked well for her.

I've opened a support case on your behalf so that you can work directly with our support team as well and you should be hearing from someone soon.