PowerPoint Presentation need REPAIR after importing video

Sep 28, 2015

I am not a novice with Articulate and hope someone can guide me.  Last week I was working a PowerPoint (Office 2013) and all of a sudden I would get an error message stating that the presentation had to be repaired.  It actually could not repair and the Articulate send error screen popped up.  Ok I figured it may have been something with Office 2010 so I upgraded to Office 16.  I also downloaded the latest Articulate 7 update.  Tried a clean install and the same error.  PowerPoint needs to be repaired.

I decided to create a blank presentation and add some clipart to one slide and a video (tried flv, wmv, mp4, swf) and inserted them through Articulate and save the presentation. 

When I tried to Open it .... PowerPoint needs to repair the file.  When I cut out the video (again any format) the issue seems to resolve itself.


Any thoughts?

Thx -- Bob Colameta

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Robert Colameta

I have done each step with fresh reboots and just tonight got the following from a presentation that I worked today (without error) until just opening it to render a copy for a project.  I did hit "repair" and a second screen popped up saying some items could not be read and are not in the presentation. (paraphrasing)

Robert Colameta

Since these posts I have had to work daily to keep the following two Windows 10 updates from happening.



I did learn and want to share that now in windows 10 home ed. you can go to the windows app store and click on your image near settings (upper right)  then after clicking your phot ID select settings and turn off automatic updates.

Just before this post I opened two PP projects and when ever I select Articulate "Video"  I get a screen that says Your Articulate Presenter project cannot be upgraded to the new Articulate Presenter 13 format.

Tried save as a new name .... Tried to create a new presentation and import slides and still the same error when attempting to insert video


Any thoughts


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Robert, 

Yes, if you had the automatic updates turned on, it would keep installing Flash Player 19 and therefore corrupting your file. You'll see our entire documentation of this issue here. So it sounds like you've disabled the auto updates for Flash, but are you on the latest update of presenter? If you're still having difficulty it may be best to continue working directly with our Support engineers so that they can take a look at your files and anything else on your system. 

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