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Alyssa Gomez

Hey there David! Sorry you're having trouble playing your presentation in Chrome. Can you help me with more details about how it's behaving? For example...

  • Does the presentation open at all?
  • Do you have audio or video on the first slide? If so, is it playing or not playing?
  • Do the presentations play correctly in other web browsers?
David Buck

Hi Alyssa - Yes the material launches.  There is audio on the first and most slides (with the exception of quizzes/knowledge checks).  The courses open and play to a point, however typically freeze at some point.  If the user presses pause/play or moves volume slider the course resumes.

Plays fine in all other browsers.

Alyssa Gomez

Hi David,

It looks like you meant to include a screenshot here, but unfortunately it didn't come through. Would you mind sharing that screenshot, and the Articulate Package, with our team?

An Articulate Package is simply a zip file that contains a copy of your entire Presenter '13 project, including the PowerPoint file, the corresponding Articulate (*.ppta) file. The link I shared above includes steps on how to create one.

You can send both files to our team using this form. We'll test your presentation in another LMS environment to hopefully narrow down what's causing this issue. Thanks!