Presenter '13 won't let me open certain options.

I have the latest Presenter (update 5) and I've been having some trouble opening some of the options from the Articulate layer. I can't open Player, Audio Editor, Slide Properties or anything. When I do, it looks as if it were loading (you know, mouse pointer turns into the blue wheel and all that), the green loading bar that mentions all the audios and stuff seems to be loading also (i.e. it appears on window) but in the end it just freezes the whole program and I can't click on anything inside the PowerPoint.

I tried restarting my computer but it'll do no good, it just keeps freezing every time I want to open something.

To close it I have to open Task Manager because either way it won't respond.

Any thoughts on what might be happening?

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Mica Oli

i tried repairing but it won't work either.... nevertheless, i opened it today and it opened options like slide properties and import audio perfectly, but as soon as i clicked on audio editor it would feeze. 

i'll try to uninstall and install it again to see if it fixes the problem

Mica Oli

Well... Reinstalling surprisingly wouldn't solve the problem either. The weird thing is that sometimes (i think it happened only twice when this problem started) I close power point and when i close it, i can see the presenter window (be it Slide Properties, Publish, Import Audio or whatever).