Presenter Add-in will not load?

Aug 05, 2014

Anyone encountering the error:

Have used Studio for years - no problems....suddenly getting this? Windows 7 professional, running office 10. Uninstalled studio, performed a repair on Office, reboot, reboot, re-install Studio, still same error. Tried with several different existing projects, with same error message, so it seems to not be constrained to a specific file. Ideas or thoughts are always appreciated. Thanks!

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Tim!

I apologize, but I do not see the image that you have attached.

Did you recently download the latest update?

You may see the following error message after installing the latest update for Articulate Presenter '13:

"It appears that the Presenter add-in is disabled."
It's easy to fix. Just follow the steps in this article to re-enable the Articulate add-in in PowerPoint.
Tim Golden

Hello Leslie, and thanks for the reply!

I've gone through that article to no avail. All of the add ins seem to be active, the trust center setting is place a Disable all macros with notification....Even if I set the Trust Center setting to Enable all macros, I still get the same error. Sorry for the miss-load of the image, attached is what I get.

Any other ideas you have are appreciated

adam schreck

Thanks for the prompt reply Leslie and feel free to cross-post this or move it as you see fit.

I recently downloaded the update (Presenter 2013 update 3) and, despite following the detailed instructions in the article you referenced, still get the IPC error.

After spending 45 minutes with our IT department, they sent along the steps they took in attempting to troubleshoot:

1. Installed MS VSTO
2. Verified that the LoadBehavior key in registry was set to 3
3. Verified user account was a local administrator
4. Noted that the load behavior was NOT set to Load at Startup, probablybecause of the runtime error when if failed to load

Despite the above steps, we still cannot keep the plugins "active" (checked or selected) in the COM add-ins pop-up Window in PowerPoint 2013.

Please advise as you see fit.

Also, is the update 2 still available?

System information:

--HP Pavilion 500-a60 Desktop (

--Windows 8.1 Pro w/ Media Center

--Processor: AMD 6-5200 APU w/ Radeon HD Graphics (2.00 GHz)

--RAM: 8.00 GB

System Type: 64-bit



Sarah Bailey

I'm on the latest update and have followed all the troubleshooting information provided in various threads in this community. I currently have a support ticket open. I have Microsoft Office Standard 2010 (64-bit) and based on everything I've tried, my guess is the problem is the 64-bit version. We'll see what your support comes up with!

Sarah Bailey

No, PowerPoint continued to throw errors after the uninstall/re-install of Microsoft Office 2010 64-bit with Quizmaker '13. The only workaround we could find was to install the entire Studio '13 suite. But we only use Quizmaker, so that wasn't really a long term solution. So I tried installing Microsoft Office 2010 32-bit instead and PowerPoint did not throw any errors with Quizmaker '13.

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