Presenter Audio Drops Out on Clients' PCs, but Not on Others

May 22, 2013

I'm developing for a client whose computers are playing my published Presenter files, but they only play the audio for the first slide. After that, the audio dies. 

When we test them out on other computers, not affiliated directly with the client's PCs, the published Presenter files work like a champ.

Obviously, if this doesn't work with the clients' computers, I'm up a creek without a paddle - whether or not this will work on all of the other computers in the world.

Based off of this thread (, which describes a very similar issue, I've recommended that the clients upgrade their flash players to version 11.7.700.202. I've been told this is not an option. Especially considering the following...

One of the clients said her work computer was using Flash version 11.7.700.169. This is where the flash audio is not playing. I'm assuming (as dangerous as that is - but I'm kind of in a bind and can't verify) that the rest of my clients computers are also using this version of flash. Yet, when she tried using her home computer, equipped with Flash 10,1,53,64, she stated that the program worked like a champ and played all of the audio files correctly.

The presentations play correctly when played from various versions of Windows. XP, Vista, and 7 all yield positive results. 

I have tinkered with every aspect of my publication process, and have repeated my publications ad nauseum - always ensuring that I was following my clients' publication guidelines (which had worked just fine like a month or so before!) to the letter. And I still am having this problem.

Can anyone help me on this? I would be very grateful if you can.

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Ej,

Really sounds like it's specific to the setup the client is using at her office. 

Baseline question, I know, but what web browser is she using to access the project? Has she tried other web browsers? 

A little confused why updating Flash is not an option, but I'm sure she has her reasons. It may or may not be an issue with Flash, perhaps she could try rolling back to the version she uses at home, instead? If nothing else, it would help narrow down the issue. 

Does she run into issues accessing any other type of content with audio? 


EJ LeBlanc

Christine, thanks so much for being willing to look into this. It's driving me crazy.

They can't upgrade software because the computers are image based across thousands of employees.

They're using IE8 (Windows) or Safari 5 (Mac). That's all they're expected to use. Problems are encountered in IE8, and that's where it must work as the majority of learners don't use the Macs and everyone has access to Windows.

There's nothing I can ask the client to do on their end to make this work (update flash, clear cache, etc.). I'm told we have to figure out a solution using only Presenter to make this work - and that I can only do it from my end without talking to their IT people.

This is the only experience they've had with audio malfunctioning. I've even just upgraded to update 9 and republished and there is still no effect on their UX. Like I said, we went through this same process a month ago and it worked like a champ. Now it doesn't, as far as their computers are concerned, but it works everywhere else (which doesn't mean anything!).

We're trying to get another server they can test this on, as there are some suggestions that this might be what works. 

It's like we're being asked to defuse a bomb without touching it or looking at it. Very tense situation, but it would be epic if you or someone else can help save the day.

Christine Hendrickson

Hi Ej,

It's really difficult to try and troubleshoot something for a client that's unwilling to try anything on their end. Again, I understand if they have their reasons, but it just doesn't sound reasonable.

You could always try a different server, but if it's an issue with Flash content, browser configuration, hardware or even simple things such as audio drivers, that's not going to make a difference.

I'm guessing that they're hosting it on their own server? Even if they aren't, there's a slight chance the server they're using doesn't support the audio - but I would think that would mean she wouldn't hear audio at all.. instead of it cutting off after the first slide. 

If you'd like, you could always upload the course to Tempshare, or even Articulate Online (using a free trial) and share the link with her. If she runs into the same issue - the problem is on her end. If she does not, the problem lies on the server that's being used. 

I'd be curious to see how it turns out, but at this point, there are no suggestions I could give that I believe she'd be willing to try.

Thanks and I wish you the best of luck, Ej!


onEnterFrame (James Kingsley)

Pretty hard to trouble shoot while blindfolded...

It's very strange indeed that audio works on one slide but not the rest. Are animations working on all slides?

Perhaps they would let you view their screen via a screenshare like or maybe they record a screenr of what is happening.

You might get them send you the results of this

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