Presenter buttons do not work within PowerPoint ribbon.

I have just installed the trial version of Presenter to give it a try. I start PowerPoint, create a few slides, click the Articulate tab, and click Publish in the ribbon. Nothing happens. No messages, no freezes, just nothing happens. I can click any button within the Articulate tab and nothing happens. Am I doing something wrong? I am new and not sure if there is something more I need to do.

Thanks for the help.

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Katie Nelson

I am having the same problem.  I have our  IT folks do all the standard checking of my computer functions.  I have unistalled and reinstalled Articulate and I have installed Visual Basic for Applications per the screenr link above.  I am still do not have any thing happen when I click on any of the articulate icons.

Katie Nelson

It is not a "case issue" . The presenter buttons will not work on an my trainings but they will work on my computer but they work fine on my co-workers computer.  I have been doing some playing around with some old traiings and I notice that when I save changes to my powerpoint, the pptx file will show with todays date as "date modified" but the coorisponding ppta file still shows the old "modified date.  See "audio_quizmaker _test in attached picture. My Quizmaker and Engage work fine as long as I open them up independently of Presenter.  I cannot "preview" a quiz or engaged if I am using presenter.