Presenter cannot initiate publish dialog

Sep 15, 2011

I just tried to publish in Presenter and got this message:


Could not initialize Articulate Presenter Publish Dialog.

I tried opening another PPT presentation and publishing that but it does the same thing.

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Jon DeMartino

That may have been the issue. I tried to repair the Articulate in the install/uninstall/repair window and it couldn't find the update 8 that I know I downloaded last time. Sooo, I followed my old route and uninstalled both Office 2010 and Articulate. Then reinstalled both, office and then articulate. Everything seems to be back on track now.

Thank you once again for your help.

Jon DeMartino

Well, the sad saga continues. I tried to open my project and PowerPoint wouldn't open a all, no for that presentation or any other or even just the PPT application itself. I, of curse, ran a repair on Office 2010 and it now opens nut is telling me it experienced a serious problem wth he Articulate add-in and do I want to disable Articulate. I do not and will keep working as I have been until the next problem hits.

I downloaded the Articulate today with the update 8 in it, so that should have aken care of incompatibility problems, right? I am using Office 2010 from the same disc I used for my old laptop which did not and is not having these type problems. The old laptop has Vists and the new one is Windows 7. Is there an issue with Windows 7?

Jon DeMartino

I am still having problems with Articulate and Office 2010 running in Windows 7. Today, once again, PowerPoint froze up and I got the message about the Articulate add-in causing a problem and did I want to disable it.

I have several projects to get finished in a short period of time and am spending several hours a day tryinhg to fix this instead of working.

Is there, or is there not a problem between Articulate and Windows 7?

I have uninstalled both programs several times and each time things work for a little while before the freeze and the message appears again.

I bought a new, faster laptop specifically because I wanted to buy another license of Articulate and was tired of my slow old laptop. But the old one has Vista and I didn't have these problems. I am running the free Articulate now but I don't think things would work better once I pay for it. For now, I will go back to my old, slow laptop and let Vista run things.

Can I have someone replace Windows 7 with Vista on my new laptop? Is that easy to do?

Please don't send me to the old links about working from my C drive and downloading the latest Articulate 9 with update 8 or reinstalling/repairing Office and Articulate. Been there, done that, about a dozen times now.
The Articulate folks have been great with all the other recent issues I've asked about, so I hope someone has the solution for this one.

Brian Batt

Hi Jon,

You shouldn't be having those issues on your machine.  I run Windows 7, Office 2010, and Articulate on my HP laptop without any issues.

Out of curiosity, what anti-virus software are you using?  Are you using one that came with the new machine?

By the way, I would never recommend going back to Vista.  It's incredibly unstable.

Jon DeMartino

That's what the guy at BestBuy just told me about Vista. He did say there is an update (update 1) to Office 2010 so I'll look for that.

I am using Avast anti-virus and that has been another ugly issue. I had it on my old computer so purchased it again online for the new one. I wouldn't install and after numerous, time-wasting calls to the main number, I was directed to their support group, who happens to be iYogi. I had to end up paying them $169 to remove the remnants of AVG that I had tried to install first and had also uninstalled, I thought. They played inside my new laptop most of one day and finally got Avast installed. I am hesitant to let them try anything else, even though my $169 bought me a one-year service plan. They were nice young men and did finally get it working but I just don't know what else they may have re-configured while they were in there and if any of the issues I am having were caused by that.

Brian Batt

Hi Jon,

I would recommend not using the Avast anti-virus software as we've seen several issues caused by it:

I use the free version of AVG and I recommend it to all of my friends and family.  The only issue that I've seen with AVG is an insurance adjuster software that my father-in-law uses.

Jon DeMartino

Thanks, Brian. I'd seen that link previously and couldn't pin down the problem since it's kind of sporadic. I just downloaded the SP1 for office 2010 and it failed to install. It may be Avast blocking that as well. AVG, free version is what I used for many years and tried to install it the first day I had my new laptop but I ran into some issue and decided to go to Avast, which I had the past three years or so.

Since the avast (iYogi) guys told me that uninstalling the AVG hadn't gotten rid of all the files, how can I be sure I am getting rid of all the Avast files if I uninstall it? I think he had to remove the hidden ones from the system files or some term like that.

Brian Batt

Hi Jon,

After you uninstall Avast from the Control Panel, you can use the cleanup tool from Avast for the rest:

Before reinstalling AVG, you'll want to make sure that was completely uninstalled previously by using their cleanup tool:

Just make sure that you use the 32 bit or 64 bit version of the AVG Remover depending upon on your machine.

I hope that helps!

Jon DeMartino

Once again, you've come through with good advice and two very pertinent links as well.

I did all the things you suggested and, when running the avg utilities cleanup tool, located some avg files the guys at iYogi apparently left behind, after telling me they had found all the ones I missed with the initial uninstall.

I'm now running the free AVG. I haven't had time to use Articulate yet but I was able to download the Office 2010 update that wouldn't install when I had Avast. So I'm hopeful that things will run smoothly now.

Here's to the possibility of a problem-free week ahead.

Thanks again.

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