Presenter error

Mar 28, 2018

Hi all,

We have an issue with Presenter 360 crashing and showing us an error message (please see attached).

So, the course we are trying to publish was built in Studio 13 last year. All we are trying to do is update the course. I have unpackaged the course and Articulate tells me the course has been updated successfully, but every time I got to press publish Presenter brings up an error stating “An error with Presenter has occurred” I clicked the log and have attached the details below for you.

  • I can confirm we work on local drive
  • I have uninstalled, reinstalled the software
  • I have tried publishing from a different computer and I get the same error message
  • The title of the course does not exceed the recommended length
  • The software is up to date 

I cant even open the quiz or engage encounters from within Presenter, but can open them in the source file. 

I have checked Storyline and that is allowing me to publish, so it appears to be a Presenter issue.

 We are currently unable to publish any of our courses. 

Any assistance would be most grateful. 


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