Presenter Nightmares...

Apr 13, 2013


Trying to use Presenter, (probably for the last time....).

Is the latest version 6.3.1303.2214 Pro ?

Since installing latest fix earlier today, nothing will publish. Starts the routine then just stops - not even any errors.

Win8, all files local, loads of space, Temp files cleared etc., publishing to a short name on a short path (C:\Users\BrucUK\APM_PRODUCTION).....

All this afternoon getting 120" errors - now not even errors, just goes to "Initialising"....then disappears.


Anything practical I can do - would love to see if someone out there can publish my files!


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Steve Gannon

Hi Bruce,

Looks like you have the latest version. If you haven't tried already, I recommend reinstalling Articulate Studio (or Presenter if you didn't get the full suite).

If that doesn't fix it, I'd be happy to try to publish one of your files. Use the File > Save & Send > Articulate Package feature to create a zip. Send me the link to the download via PM. I'll give it a shot.

- Steve

Bruce Graham


So if I had to make a call on this one I would say that unlike Storyline, Presenter Suite HATES having it's source files placed on a local C:\Dropbox folder.

As soon as I moved all the files to c:\documents\foldername - all seems to be OK.

Still not 100%, but am getting work completed which is always a bonus....

Anyone else had this behaviour?


Dave Neuweiler

Hi Bruce, I'm just thinking out loud here... If you consider that DropBox starts synchronizing files already in place as soon as they're modified (or saved), and then consider that when you publish, Articulate automatically saves the PPT/PPTX files (I think it does, anwaqy -- perhaps someone at Articulate could confirm or deny), then you have the publishing process going on at the same time that files are being copied.

I don't know whether that's a conflict, but I suppose it's possible (please, some person smarter than me think about that and report in!).

Bruce Graham

@Nancy - thanks but as they do not work on Sundays I thought I would start here (I have Platinum support...)

Well...turns out that in addition to the very helpful article: that I spotted, in ADDITION to just doing that you may need to re-create your Master Slides.

Could not work out why kept failing at the very end of the compile, until spotted that is what was going on.

Checked the Master Slides, and they were completely scrumbelled.

Fixed them by copying from another course in the series, and re-allocating all slides - all published fine.

Articulate - might be worth making an addition to the KB article?


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