Presenter not recognizing Quizmaker and Engage, freezes up

I've tried to send a message to Support about this, but find no submit button on the Case info screen!  Nor a text box to describe the trouble. I have a serial number, and was going to describe the trouble in detail, but can't send it in anyway, since I don't have a Send button! Below is a screen shot of what I saw. 

Long story short, I think I need to reinstall Presenter, maybe the whole Studio suite.  Sidenote... I update to Windows 7 two months ago and had to reinstall Articulate Studio. When I switch users and log in as the machine administrator and launch PowerPoint, I get the  message about Presenter that the "Free Trial" has expired.  But, I do have a the fully installed suite with serial numbers! Go figure. Maybe that's a clue. 

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