Presenter & Quizmaker Licenses

Jun 30, 2012

My PC harddrive died and has been replaced.

I need to re-install Presenter & Quizmaker and have no opportunity to

uninstall these from the PC.

What is the procedure to re-install these 2 ?

Thanks ... Bill

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Jeanette Brooks

Hi Bill! If you've only installed your software on that one computer so far, you'll still be able to install on one more machine. Your license allows you up to two installations (we do this for situations such as when folks need to install the software on both their desktop and a laptop, for example). It's a good idea, though, to contact Support about the software on your dead PC that will no longer be used, so that the initial installation of your software can be deactivated on our end too. That way if you do ever need that second installation, it'll be available. 

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