Presenter stuck between slides/loading adobe page

Dec 02, 2011

Hi guys,

I'm having an issue with Presenter where it seems to get stuck transissioning between slides, in that half of the current slide remains on the screen, and half of the next slide appears. It asks if i want to resum the presentation, and bottom navigation elements also disappear.

When this happens, presenter loads the adobe flash player download page, and keeps doing this until (in new browser windows each time) you close the presentation.

This has happened to me with 2 separate presentations, running from within powerpoint/presenter (previewing) and running on a local server.

I have Flash Player 10,1,52,14 installed, so it's not the obvious problem of not having flash installed.

It seems to be random as to when it happens as well. I'm at a loss as to what's happening, if someone can shed some light on this it would be greatly appreciated.

Below is an image of the problem.



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Peter Anderson

Welcome to Heroes, Andy!

In the screenshot, it looks like you're viewing your content on a network drive. Articulate does not recommend hosting content on a local area network drive. This can cause unexpected issues according to Adobe and should be avoided: 

Published content should be uploaded to a Web server or LMS for proper playback.  If you will be viewing content on your local hard drive, you should publish for CD.
Let me know if the issue persists. Thanks!
Andrew McKay

As we are distributing this to hundreds of users, this would require each user  to carry out this fix, which isn't really an option.

Another "interesting" twist to the tail, If I preview the presentation, skip along a couple of slides, then leave it, the problem occurs of it's on volition. It first opens up a browser window, loading, then when you try and progress through the slides, get's stuck between the current one and the title page, whilst asking if you wish to resume the course where you left off.

If left alone, it keeps opening new browser windows and navigating to

What concerns me is that it has been running fine prior to this, both locally and online, and no major changes have been made to it, other than the insertion of graphical content (jpg's to be specific).

Peter Anderson

If you'd like to Create an Articulate Presenter Package and upload the zip file to us, our awesome support engineers would be happy to take a closer look. You can submit your case here:

And someone will be in touch with you shortly. Please include the url from this thread in the case info so we can follow up with you in the forums. Thanks!

Peter Anderson

Hi again, Andrew!

I see you submitted a case. Were you able to get this resolved after speaking with the support staff? 

This issue appears to be system/browser specific. Did you have success when you tried the content from another system and another browser. The fact that the browser/system does not know the Flash Player is installed, seems to be the issue. Were you able to republish on a new system as well, to workaround any Flash Issues? What sort of post-modifications did you make to the content (the background appears to be custom and not part of Articulate)? 

Thanks for following up, Andrew. Eager to hear your outcome. 

Andrew McKay

Hi Peter,

The problem wasn't anything to do with the system/browser that the program was running on, but a problem with the flash ebedded in the program interfering with the presenter file.

In the flash itself, I had intervals calling a function that played the root timeline (simply using "play()") to progress an animation. However, this "play..." call seemed to be picked up by the presenter file, causing the slides to animate unexpectadly and the other strange behaviour.

To get around this, I took all animations and code from the root, and put them in a container Movieclip, then instead of playing the root timeline with "play()", I played the container movieclip's timeline by specifically referencing itself (

Is embedded flash actionscript interfering with the parent presenter file, a known issue?

Many thanks for your help.

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