Publish articulate presentation as an .flv file

Aug 02, 2011

Is there a way to publish a presentation as an .flv file instead of as a .swf object?  And, if so, will it retain the left menu bar functionality?  

My goal is to have my presentations playable on both computers and mobile devices such as iphone and ipad.  I purchased s3 flowshield which plays flash videos on both the computer AND the iphone, but I need to insert the video as an .flv file (or .mp4 which loses the menu functionality).  

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Brian Batt

Hi Melanie,

Articulate doesn't currently support publishing directly to an FLV file.  However, you may be able to use the following HTML5 player to view your Articulate content on non-Flash devices.  Please note that this method was not developed by Articulate and is not supported by Articulate: 

Another possible option for iPad users is to view Articulate content with the iSWiFter app as demonstrated below.  Please note that this method is not supported by Articulate.

If your Articulate content does not include interactive elements (such as quizzes or user-initiated navigation), you can record your Articulate content as it plays, using a screencasting tool like Screenr (, to capture a video of your Articulate content.  Screenr screencasts can be viewed on iPads and iPhones directly from the Screenr website.  There are also options to publish your Screenr screencasts to YouTube and to download MP4 versions of your screencasts, both of which also play on non-Flash devices.

For additional ideas regarding mobile learning, we recommend reviewing the following Rapid E-Learning Blog post:

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