Publish Results in Images Imported from Other Courses

Apr 03, 2015

Hi Everyone,

10 years into this and just when I thought I had seen everything! When I publish any of my Studio 13 courses, the result (which I preview or then load to LMS and view) has some slide images from a completely different course. In fact, every time I publish I can get a different image from a different course showing up as the background image on the first slide. Most of the time, it seems to draw the image from the just previously-published course.

I tried reinstalling Studio. This did not fix the problem.

Any suggestions?

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Keith Kemsley

Hi Leslie,

Yes, it's a new one to us too! After MANY hours of work on this, it appears that deleting the PPTA file and re-creating everything (including re-importing videos) is the only fix we've been able to find. We are in the process of doing this on 24 courses so, with publish and LMS upload,  it'll take about 16 hours.


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