Published AICC content not loading from index_lms.html file

I am using Presenter '09 Update 10 and am working on a course that will not load from the index_lms.html file once I upload it to our web server and link to it from the LMS. The player.html works fine when launched from my local drive.

The interesting thing is that my colleague published the same course from his computer and it works fine.

I have tried uninstalling studio '09 completely and then re-installing, but this still fails to work when published from my computer.

Any solutions out there?


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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Mike,

Your colleague is able to successfully upload the file  to the server and then play from the LMS? Are you unable to load the files directly into your LMS? Could you be testing in different browsers? Are you both publishing locally and publishing for LMS? Just trying to think through differences in your set ups that could be causing the behavior.