Published presentation always resizes the 1st FLV video

Apr 10, 2012

Hi all,

I have a presentation (slides only) that is a combination of image/text slides and slides with embedded FLV videos.

In each module there are two image/text intro slides, and then three separate slides with FLVs. Each slide has been formatted so the FLVs are all exactly the same dimensions and same relative position on the slide.

However, when I publish my presentation, the 1st slide with the FLV is always sized/positioned differently than in edit mode. In addition, FLV 2 and 3 are sized and positioned correctly (and in the cases where I have additional slides with FLVs past that, they maintain their intended size/position as well.) Also odd is that the 1st FLV always appears correctly in preview mode...

Thanks for any help!

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