publishes to computer but not ftp'ing

Sep 19, 2013

Hey all,

I have published 5 presentations 'to web'.  When I click the player.html links on my computer, I receive a javascript alert but when I click 'ok' the presentation opens just fine.  When I ftp that folder (containing files player.html and folders data and player)  and try to access it from our website, something player-like appears but with no menu, no audio, no template, etc.  This is the case for all 5. Any suggestions?



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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Nicole,

Are you using the built in FTP option - or a third party FTP client? If you're using the built in FTP option, can you confirm that you're following these directions here? 

Since you mentioned the ability to play the content locally, but not when uploading to the ftp site, I also wanted to point you to this KB article, which includes an additional link about a connection to a Java runtime error.

Nicole Dodds

Thanks Ashley!  Yes, this was key and the fix I needed, thanks!

When uploading published content to a server via a third-party FTP client, be sure it's using Binary Transfer Mode. If you use ASCII Transfer Mode or Auto Transfer Mode, the XML files in your published content may become corrupt, which will cause various playback issues.

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