View Presentation after Publish does not work in Presenter 09

Mar 12, 2013

I used to be able to preview a course in Presenter 09 but no longer can.  When publishing finishes and I receive "Publish Successful" message, I click "View Presentation."   Instead of viewing the presentation, I am prompted to either save or cancel the player.html file.  Neither choice allows me to actually preview the lesson.

So now I have to actually load the couse to the LMS or a test system to preview my work.

Similarly, if I double-click launcher.html or player.html, I am prompted to save now but before it would launch the lesson.

I don't know if this is an articulate issue of some other setting messed up on my computer.

I am using Office 7, Articulate Studio Pro 9, and IE8.  Everything worked until just recently.  But, that's how it always is.

Help is greatly appreciated!!

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Peter Anderson

Hi Michael!

The fact that you're being asked to save the presentation is strange - I've never seen that message. However, viewing a published presentation locally WILL create issues with Flash player and web browser security, which is why it's always important to host and test your content in its intended environment (LMS, web, etc.). If you'd like to test your content locally, it's best to publish for CD. 

As for the message about saving, any chance you could share a screenshot of that? 

Thanks, Michael!

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