Publishing Error

I have 14 courses that I have converted from '09 to '13. When I publish these files on my Win7 system, I get a generic Articulate '13 error when it is done publishing the last slide. I have many other courses, some converted from '09 and others built in '13, that publish okay on this same system. Also, when I "package" these 14 courses and send them to another Win7 computer, I can publish them just fine.

Do you have any recommendations on what settings, etc., I might be looking for on my main Win7 computer that makes it impossible to publish these particular 14 courses?

Thanks in advance.

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Keith Kemsley

Hi Leslie,

THANK YOU for pointing me to the other thread. It sounds like "smart art" or the "custom player" may be my issue.

1. I am updating someone else's courses so I will have to rummage through and see where the smart art is and change those to images. (Any ideas on how best to do this?)

2. If that doesn't work, I may need to re-create the custom player. Sigh.

How weird is it that if I put the same files on my backup computer with exact same build of '13 that publishing works fine.