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Aug 14, 2014

The published output for some my files that have the same background have bullets missing. Random slides are published with no bullets. I tried recreating the master slide, but did not work. I opened a new ppt and copy and pasted the info, still it did not work. Instead of copying the content, I typed some of the info and when I previewed it, it published with bullets. Is there any short-cut solution to this rather than having to type the info again?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Amy,

I wanted to follow up here as I saw that Karla shared it was a possible software bug that we've reported to our QA team to investigate. One of the suggested workarounds was to avoid using paragraph level animations on bulleted lists with symbols. 

We'll keep you posted once if there is additional information to share on this! 

Renee Hill

My Articulate “Help and Support” button indicated no updates available. However, I did complete the update manually as you can see below.

I copied one of the slides and republished and I’m still experiencing this issue.

Slide View from PPT:

Slide view from Publish:

Any help would be appreciated.

Barbara Roberts

I see these posts are all for several years ago. But I am a new user, bought  Articulate Studio 13 2 months ago and this problem is driving me mad. Bullets are fine in Powerpoint, fine in Articulate Preview, but are missing on some slides when published (but fine on others!!) I have double checked for hidden characters, have removed any apostrophes. I have copied a slide that works and rewritten it with different text, and the new slide doesn't work. This is taking a lot of time, as I cannot see any logic behind the problem. I also downloaded an update to the software, although since I only bought this 2 months ago I would have hoped the s/ware was the latest version. Any advice on what I should look for, so I can correct this?

Lauren Connelly

Hi Barbara!

I can imagine how frustrating that would be!

It sounds like this issue occurs when there are paragraph-level animations on bullet lists with symbols. 

If you are comfortable sharing your file with us, I'm happy to take a look! You can share your file in this discussion by using the "Add Attachment" button. Or you can share it privately using this link for our Support Engineers to take a look.

Barbara Roberts

Thanks. The ppt file attached has 4 slides - the first 2 have disappearing bullets, the 2nd 2 work! Attached are also the screen shots from these slides as I see them (1st 2 bullets are not there)

Any help or advice on why would be great.

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