Publishing issues in Studio 13'

Feb 02, 2016

Hi everyone,

I just built a course and published it, but the screens are all fuzzy.  The PPT looks great, the Images look great, and the preview is good, but when it published it went fuzzy.  Even the company logo on the PPT went fuzzy.  I set the custom image quality high and video, even though there is not any video.   Does anyone know how to fix this issue?  What is causing the issue? or provide some help? 

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Jerrold!

Are you asking about the extra browser space? You can adjust this as well.

Resize browser to fill screen: This option automatically resizes the learner's browser to fill the whole screen.

Here are a few recommendations for achieving the highest quality published output:
  • Import high quality audio files or record your narration in Articulate Presenter.
  • Use high resolution images and videos.
  • Lock your presentation at optimal size to prevent scaling
  • Increase the video, audio, and image quality settings when you publish
Jerrold Bennett

Hi Leslie,

The images I sent are how the player displays when running the course.  Both images are set to run the browser at full screen, the 720 image is small and still not as sharp as the PPT.  the other image is set to scale up and is even more "Fuzzy", but it fills the screen for better viewing.  How do I get the PPT quality image display and the size to fill the screen as the scale up image? 


I am using high quality images.  I have set the publishing images to the highest possible to get what you see.  I want more quality.  How do I get it?  Maybe we need to take this offline?

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