Question about Video Loader Behavior

Hi.  I'm hoping a member of the Articulate staff can answer this.  Is Presenter's inherent behavior to load a video/MP4/FLV each time a person gets to that specific slide?  For example, if I have a preloader in place, will the program reload the video file each time a person gets to that slide, no matter if a preloader loaded the video file previously?  I've tested my video both with a preloader and without.  Both files seem to behave the same way.  Even in the one without a preloader, if I watch the video and then go to a different one, the video doesn't seem to stay in the cache.  It doesn't seem to stay loaded.  I can go right back to that video after previously leaving it for a different one, and it acts as if I've never viewed it or loaded it.  That's odd behavior for a player.  Usually if you watch a video once, it stays in the cache and you can view it much faster during the second viewing.

Although, I have noticed that this all works better in IE rather than in Firefox, almost like IE preserves cache for videos better than Firefox does.

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