Quizmaker not hooked up to Presenter

I recently received a new laptop and had all 4 Articulate Studio '09 pieces re-installed and activated. Presenter is visible in my PowerPoint presentation, and I can access both Quizmaker and Engage from the icons on my desktop and use them fine, but they won't open when I click on the icon within Presenter. I need to connect the quiz I created to the module as it was intended and also work on some others. What am I missing? None of the 'add-ins' have been disabled.  Did something happen during activation that split them? Please advise and thanks.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Susan, 

When you access the Quizmaker or Engage icon from the Articulate tab within Powerpoint, you won't be brought right into the other programs, but presented with a window such as the one below. Are you not able to use this window? You may want to begin by conducting a simple repair to solve any installation issues that may have occurred.