Have just started using this again after having a few weird experiences when testing published courses.

Understandably, Articulate advocate testing courses in the environment they're going to run in.  Easy if it's local/CD/etc.  Not so easy if it's going to sit in an LMS and you have to wait for your techies to upload every instance just so you can check "that latest tweak" actually works.

So here's where the RELOAD player comes in: #mce_temp_url#

Simply publish your course to LMS > Run RELOAD > load manifest file > give it a name > hit play > and off you go.

You should at least be able to experience the course as a learner - hence it should be more accurate when testing those fiddly bits like Player Template tweaks etc.

Not sure if it's possible to get any reporting data out of it, but it does show various fields and (seemingly) test for SCORM integrity.

All in all, worth checking out for the extra few seconds it takes to run a course.

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Simon Perkins

Damn, you beat me to it Justin.  

Only started playing with their Test Track this morning to see it was any better.  Seems to be a more polished product, but you do have to wait for each course to be uploaded (as opposed to RELOAD which runs locally).  Shouldn't be an issue for most though.

Does also help you see where your course can get laggy over the internet - so maybe it's more realistic in terms of what the learner sees.