SCORM 1.2 to Tin Can

As I delve further into our Moodle site and SCORM 1.2, I am curious as to what your experience is with converting course that are normally SCORM and re-publish them using the Tin Can.

Have you ever done such a thing and did it work for you?  It is possible that we move away from Moodle and I need to set my expectations now as to the gravity of such a venture.

Tin Can is like Chinese to me......not a clue what to expect.



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Steve Flowers

Hey Dave! 

This article could help.

The standard is young. Not many options out there but I know of a few really cool projects and vendors that are moving in this direction. Harder to change the course of legacy systems. The guys from Curatr are working on some neat stuff. 

We saw the same slow uptake in the early days of SCORM as people moved from roll-your-own tracking to integrating standard protocols. Takes awhile to reach equilibrium.