SCORM update in Moodle


I see a strange case for few of my users, who are using SCORM 1.2 in Moodle 2.7

When they access, LMS doesn't store the records correctly. If you look at the below picture, cmi.suspend_data shows only a | or ||undefined. Normally this should not be the behavior of the SCORM file. Can any one help here ?

Would appreciate much.




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Shyam Saha

Thanks a lot Dan for sharing this. :)

I am going to try this un-check option for SCORM 1,2 in Moodle settings. Hope this solves this issue.


If you can share this bit of information, will be great - 

  • Can data limit of suspend_data be different/more for a same SCORM file, but for different users ?

Thanks again!