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Dec 06, 2011


I have created a presentation that is causing some frustration.  One of the slides which has no audio consistently displays for 42 seconds.   There is no animation on the slide nothing - simply a title page for the section coming up.  Here is what I have tried.

- In the Publish options, I have slides with no audio set to display for 3 seconds.

- Using the audio editor, tried to cut the timeline

-Inserted a audio file that lasts 3 seconds but has no volume (This seems to work temporarily but for some reason after publishing - it goes back to 42 seconds)

I don't know what else to try - can anybody help?   This is driving me crazy. 



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Peter Anderson

Hey Tom, 

Here's an article describing a process similar to the last one you've listed:

And as far as the changes not getting saved, it's possible that the Articulate Presenter Communicator is not enabled in PowerPoint. To correct this please do the following: 

In Microsoft PowerPoint 2007: 

1) Click the Microsoft Office button. 
2) Click PowerPoint Options. 
3) Click Add-ins. 
4) On the Manage menu, click Disabled Items, and then click Go. 
5) If Articulate Presenter Communicator is in the list, select and enable it. 
6) On the Manage menu, click COM Add-ins, and then click Go. 
7) Make sure the Articulate Presenter Communicator is checked. 
6) Close the window. 
7) Restart PowerPoint. 
8) Reproduce the steps that produced the original error. 

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